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For your sake and your loved ones, start maintaining your body armor in a proper manner even if you do not purchase this device.

The above photo shows the method now used by most Officers to dry and maintain their Body Armor (a wire clothes hanger with the ends bent upward). It is then hung on the outside of the locker door or inside of the locker. Many Officers just toss them inside the locker with no support at all. All of these improper methods can void your Manufacturer's warranty on your Body Armor.

SUPPORT – Our "Flak Vest Hanger"TM allows your Body Armor to be hung when space doesn’t permit it to be laying flat. It promotes the wear ability and longevity of your carrier and ballistic panels. In short, no longer will your elastic straps stretch beyond their memory point. No longer will the ballistic panels bunch and create folds or creases that don’t come out and rub against your body from improper drying methods. Now you can protect the Body Armor which helps protect you.

FIT AND COMFORTPolice officers aren’t dying because of bad Body Armor. They’re dying because they don’t wear it. So first and foremost, your vest must be comfortable and dry!

IMPROPER FIT - folds/creases in the ballistic panels are one of the main reasons that officers stop wearing their Body Armor.

 IMPROPER CARE - is another reason that officers stop wearing their Body Armor which causes them to purchase additional carriers or go on the street unprotected.

CARING FOR THE HANGER – The only care that is required to maintain the "Flak Vest Hanger"TM  for daily use is to not abuse it or use it for purposes other than its designed purpose.

CLEANING - Remove the Body Armor from the "Flak Vest Hanger"TM  Using a damp cloth with mild soap, wipe the entire hanger on both sides and all its parts. You may also place the hanger under running water and wash with mild soap. Dry the entire hanger with a dry cloth or allow it to air dry before placing your body armor back on the hanger. "DO NOT USE BLEACH OR PRODUCTS CONTAINING BLEACH" as they can affect the ballistic material of your Body Armor.

CONTAMINATION RESISTANT – one of the last things that anyone wants is for their Body Armor to absorb sweat and odors. This product resists penetration and contamination from body oils and salt’s etc, so unpleasant odor’s will not soak into the hanger itself and then transfer the accumulated dampness or odors into the ballistic panels or carrier. This product is fully adjustable to all sizes of Soft Body Armor. It allows any user to properly hang and store the Body Armor as it dries all while keeping its shape for a more comfortable fit.


"This warranty does not apply if the Company's examination determines that the body armor system has been subjected to misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, alteration, breakage, interruption, damage, improper storage or handling, or unauthorized repair or service. FAILURE TO CLOSELY FOLLOW THE USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE USE AND CARE MANUAL ACCOMPANYING THIS PRODUCT WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID THIS WARRANTY IN ALL RESPECTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO VOIDING ANY BALLISTIC PERFORMANCE WARRANTY".

"Any body armor system that has been heavily worn (for example, moderate-to-heavy set wrinkles throughout the ballistic panels, open breaks in the outer shell carrier, the outer shell carrier is heavily stained and worn), regardless of its age, SHALL BE DEEMED TO BE ABUSED AND AUTOMATICALLY VOIDS THIS WARRANTY IN ALL RESPECTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO VOIDING ANY BALLISTIC PERFORMANCE WARRANTY".


             $69.95 M.S.R.P (Model FVHP24)

**** 90 Day Money Back Guarantee****

(less S&H if returned undamage)


This "Safety product" is specifically engineered for Law Enforcement, Corrections and the Military Community (LECM). It was comprehensively field tested for over six years by Police Offficers who wore their body armor every day that they worked. The Flak Vest HangerTM will assist you in caring, maintaining and making your Body Armor more comfortable to wear. It helps you protect the Body Armor that is protecting you.

(Second Chance Body Armor 1999) "Keeping liquids/mositure away from the Body Armor panels will help the panels maintain their ballistic/stab resistant properties".

In 1973 researchers at the "United States Army's Edgewood Arsenal", responsible for Body Armor Vest determined that "The penetration resistance of Kevlar was degraded when wet".

1998 N.I.J. Report  (NIJ Guide 100-01 Update to NIJ Guide 100-98) Age alone does not cause body armor’s ballistic resistance to deteriorate. The care and maintenance of a garment—or the lack thereof—have been shown to have a greater impact than age on the length of service life of a unit of body armor. Armor that is 10 years old and has never been issued may be perfectly acceptable for use, provided that the rated level of protection is still appropriate for the typical threats faced. Conversely, 2 or 3 year-old armor that has been worn regularly and improperly cared for may not be serviceable.  Limited studies of the ballistic-resistant capabilities of armor used for extended periods of time were initiated in 1983 by DuPont, at which time some of the armor tested had been in service for more than 8 years. Both the DuPont testing and a 1986 study by NIJ18 (Ballistic Tests of Used Body Armor) found that age alone does not degrade the ballistic properties of armor

WATERPROOF - made from polymers just like those used in car ramps, this material resists penetration from liquids produced by condensed sweat or external liquids of most natures.

BREATHABLE – multiple breather ports allows moisture vapors to whisk away from your Body Armor and carrier thereby promoting an improved evaporation rate. This will help your Body Armor dry all while making it more comfortable to wear.

The Military version (model FVHP28) is larger and not designed to fit inside most Police lockers. The "Flak Vest Hanger"TM can be hung inside any standard locker (12inch depth) or it can sit at the bottom of the locker or on the floor outside the locker. The built in handle allows the user to carry it to other locations for hanging as well. Constructed to be easy to use, clean and no parts to rust wear out or tear the shell of the Body Armor.

What value do you place on the security and safety of your life and the lives of others?

Your very life, and the lives of your partner or family may very well depend upon how you maintain your police equipment. 

Unless you purchase the best professional police products available today, you are risking more than you even realize! There is no substitute for quality police products.

Start now to ensure the security and safety of yourself and all those that matter to you, in both your career and your personal life! Order today!



REMEMBER - Age alone does not cause body armor’s ballistic resistance to deteriorate. The care and maintenance of a garment—or the lack thereof—have been shown to have a greater impact than age on the length of service life of a unit of body armor.  (NIJ Guide 100-01 Update to NIJ Guide 100-98)


We strongly recommend that you read the printed material that is included with your Body Armor. This information pertains to your “Warranty and how to care for your Body Armor.” If you fail to maintain your Body Armor as indicated by the manufacturer you may not only "VOID your WARRANTY" but may be placing your life at risk with Body Armor that may no longer provides the same protection as when new.

Your support has allowed us to reduce our price by over 22%   

Was $89.95 Now selling for $69.95


ASSEMBLY - Your "Flak Vest Hanger"TM arrives to you fully assembled and requires no additional assembly, just the occasional cleaning.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CARE FOR BODY ARMOR? - Follow the Manufacturer's care instructions provided with your armor or refer to the instructions on the armor labels. Failure to follow these instructions may damage the ballistic performance capabilities of the armor. This may mislead you into believing that your Body Armor will still stop what it was designed to stop when first purchased. You may also have VOIDED your WARRANTY from improper care and storage of the ballistic material by not maintaining your body armor correctly.

WARRANTY – Your "FLAK VEST HANGER"TM is warranted for TWENTY-FIVE (25) years from the date of purchase. From product design to customer satisfaction, and every step along the way, our company is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction. We do not cover any consequential damages, and our liability is limited to repairing or replacing defective parts of the "Flak Vest Hanger"TM only. The M.S.R.P of this product is $69.95 plus tax & shipping.

Our corporate philosophy: There is no substitute for customer service and product integrity. We guarantee that we will never compromise on either.  Therefore the Flak Vest HangerTM was designed as a one time purchase.  You will never need to purchase a second Flak Vest HangerTM for yourself.  

It only stands to reason, when you produce a quality product, you stand behind it.  That is why we give a twenty-five year warranty with the Flak Vest HangerTM.

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**** 90 Day Money Back Guarantee****

(less S&H if returned undamage)


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